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Proton Therapy Around the World

There has been a massive growth in the development of other centers in recent years (such as Boston, Houston, Bloomington, etc.). Other clinical centers have been developed in Canada, Japan, China, Sweden, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and other countries already plan to build such centers (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Russia, Australia).

The activities of these clinical centers are coordinated by ASTRO (the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology), and PTCoG (the Proton Therapy Cooperative Group), and they recommend the construction of one proton center per ten million people.

Current centers are designed and built exclusively for the treatment of patients. These centers use the most up-to-date therapeutic, diagnostic and planning devices. These modern radiation devices are solely intended for clinical use and, from a technical perspective, are able to irradiate virtually any type of tumor site.

Operating clinical proton centres

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Clinical proton centres being built and planned centres

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