About us

The best for life. These few words have become a driving force for us in the last few years, during which the development of the Proton Therapy Center Project in the Czech Republic has taken place. The vision of Proton Therapy as an effective cancer treatment was - and is - the true way forward, as is now confirmed by the current world situation, where in surrounding countries - and worldwide - the development and completion of several proton centers has already been achieved.

The foundation stone for our center was laid in 2009 and this was the first step towards making this type of treatment available to inhabitants of the Czech Republic as well as to those from abroad.

Our focus is the well-being of our patients who are provided with the highest level of care and comfort. I
am pleased that we have a team of world class professionals including top Czech physicists and

For decades in oncology we've been striving to maximize the effectiveness of treatment while maintaining quality of life, i.e. minimizing the side effects of cancer treatment. With this objective in mind, current radiotherapy focuses on delivering the highest dose of radiation possible to tumor areas while protecting nearby healthy tissues. Proton therapy fully complies with this objective, which has the advantage of specific dose distribution compared with conventional photon therapy methods.

Proton irradiation is very exact; the energy of the accelerated protons is mostly transferred directly to the area of the tumour and in comparison with current radiation procedures does not damage healthy tissue behind the tumour and causes much less damage to healthy tissue in front of the tumour. Due to this, proton therapy is associated with a low risk of adverse effects and simultaneously provides a high chance of a cure.

Huge benefits may also be found in the saddest area of oncology - malignant tumors in childhood. The growing body of a child is highly sensitive to irradiation. Proton therapy is gentle on healthy tissues, which is especially important in paediatric oncology.

We believe that our center, with its superior technology, and its professional and empathic doctors
and support staff, will improve the treatment of patients with cancer and will help preserve their future
quality of life.

Many thanks to those who participated in this project and to those who continue to participate. I look forward to our continued cooperation.

Yours sincerely

On behalf of Proton Therapy Center Czech, s.r.o.Václav Laštovka

Executive Head



  • 1999 – Vision to build a Proton Center in Prague, The Czech Republic.
  • 2004 – Initiation of preparation and planning for the project
  • 2006 – Initiation of design work
  • 2007, April – Municipal decision (05/04/2007)
  • 2008, June – Building permit (09/06/ 2008)
  • 2009, May – Building started (01/05/ 2009)
  • 2010, June – Fabric completed (24/07/2010)
  • 2011, April – Installation of the cyclotron
  • 2012, December – 1st treatment room became operational and treatment of first patients commenced
  • 2013, January – 2nd treatment room became operational
  • 2013 – Gradual operation of the 3rd, 4th and 5th treatment rooms and continuous operation of the center