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Proton Therapy Center

At PTC we are passionate about improving the lives of all people.
We are passionate about curing cancer, and improving the quality of our patient's lives.

Welcome to the pages of the Proton Center in Prague!

We are an advanced clinical centre with the newest and highly exact technology for treatment of patients with cancer. Being actively used since 1992, proton therapy significantly improves and extends treatment of tumours near vital structures with minimal damage to healthy tissue and risk of secondary complications. Proton therapy is one of the methods of therapy for malignant tumours that offers the best prospects in the 21st century. The experts assume that amongst the curative therapies, proton therapy will have a stronger position.


In two-shift operation, we can treat up to 2,500 patients a year. We have 5 treatment rooms including a treatment room for the treatment of eye tumors and a full range of diagnostic equipment such as CT (computed tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and a PET/CT camera (examination combining computed tomography and positron emission tomography).

All treatment is prepared to comply with the strictest international standards and to ensure the highest quality of treatment is provided to patients from the Czech Republic as well as from abroad. Foreign patients will be given full service and care; the center can organize accommodation as well as regular transport to the center. We are ready to use online communication channels to stay in touch with the specialists on the patient’s side, and to keep them up to date about his or her state of health and treatment process. The Proton Therapy Center employs specialists within their fields, and can guarantee a highly professional and pro-client approach. We cooperate closely with the leading Czech universities and other educational institutions supporting science and research, and we aim to contribute to the development of radiation oncology and other oncological specializations.

Although the center is set to become the world’s top center, our goal is not to hold onto this position but to provide our experience to enable the building of new centers so that the largest number of patients can access this therapy.

Proton Therapy Center in Prague is equipped with state of the art technology in proton therapy diagnostic and planning procedures for the treatment of cancer. Our goal is to provide the patient with the best care and comfort.

Proton therapy has a significant effect on future quality of life!

Proton therapy offers high curability, a lower probability of damage to healthy tissue, low risk of complications and the chance for a rapid recovery after therapy. Due to the restricted adverse effects of radiation on healthy tissue and the possibility of increasing the dose of radiation to the actual tumour, the development of secondary malignity is reduced.