Your Feedback

If you have a personal feedback with our treatment, please share your experience with us.


Thank you letter from Irish patient:

Dear Lucie, Firstly I would like to thank you for all your help, support and guidance with my two trips to P-T-C Praha. Your response time to all my emails and your clear answers and up to date information helped to make my planning and life so much easier and totally hassle free.

Please pass on my thanks firstly to Dr. Pavel Vitek for looking after me prior to and post treatment and for explaining each stage of my treatment program. Please also pass on my thanks to all the following staff at P-T-C.

Please thank the ladies on the main P-T-C reception and the Patient Reception ( both the face of P-T-C ) for their friendliness and always very helpful at all times. Hana Basikova, Zanna Ogriscenkova. Patient Reception Kristyna Bradova and Linda Tylkova.

The Physicist Vladimir Vondracek for explaining everything so clearly and assistant Jan Vavra. Please also thank Katerina Orltova for helping and taking phone calls for me and for lending me her phone she was very kind. Also on floor 2 Vladimir, Jan, Andrea and Lucie and another dark haired lady I cannot remember her name, who were so good.

Jana Kulhankova Marketing. I hope I have not missed anyone off, if I have please pass on my sincere thanks to everyone.

The staff at all levels at P-T-C Praha are excellent both in communication and Patient care. I took the decision to come to Praha after some research which I am glad I did.

I meet a friend at the end of April (with the same condition) I have just emailed him about P-T-C Praha and have suggested he look at your website and I will advise him to to come to P-T-C Praha.

Thank you all at P-T-C Praha

Best wishes

John O'Kelly


Friend of Julette, a brain tumor patient from UK:

"To everyone who treated and looked after my dear, dear friend Juliette Harrison while she had treatment with you. Thank you so much for all you have done for her and all your care. She has come back looking well and happy. I know the days and months ahead are uncertain, but she has hope now, a precious gift that you have given her. xxx"

Mother of a 10-year old with Medulloblastoma (a tumour of the skull base):

"The Proton Therapy Center in Prague clearly has a team of experienced professionals who use advanced proton technology to treat cancer. Everyone here is so kind to us - the staff are always smiling and do anything and everything they can to help. I feel that our son is in excellent hands here, and the pleasant atmosphere here has a positive impact on my son - I feel so relieved that he is relaxed and happy here."