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International patients

Please ask what proton can do for you. It´s more than you might think. Our patients are specialists as well as our doctors.

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You’ve been approved for proton therapy but you cannot afford to pay for it yourself? Proton Therapy Center Czech offers affordable costs of treatment for everybody; however, we provide you with some helpful tips and models of insurance coverage that work within European Union and other world.

Reimbursement schemes within EU

Foreign patients from E.U. countries can ask for the reimbursement of the treatment under:

  • The S2 route (or E112) - direct arrangement between your insurance company and the state healthcare provider in the country of your choice. Prior approval is required.
  • The EU Directive on cross-border healthcare (or Article 56) - generally, you pay the costs of treatment abroad and then claim reimbursement from your health care provider when you return. Prior approval might be required.

Non-EU Patients

Contact us for a nonbiding consultation. Get a referral from our specialist which clearly says why proton therapy is the right choice for you. We communicate with your oncologist and ask for his oppinion. You contact your health insurance company with our referral and a referral from your specialist at home.

US patients


Many patients who have chosen proton therapy for cancer treatment report that the treatment presents few interruptions to normal daily activity. In fact, many proton treatment patients continue to work, enjoy time with family, and participate in favourite activities while undergoing cancer treatment.
Proton radiation therapy targets cancer more accurately. Unlike traditional X-rays, protons can be directed to reach only the areas of the body affected by cancer. As a result, normal, healthy tissue receives less exposure to radiation treatment, reducing the risk of complications. Proton therapy is a cancer treatment that targets tumours with high accuracy, allowing for favourable outcomes with a low risk of side effects.


  • English and Russian speaking staff
  • Special conditions for children (a children's play room)
  • A personal interpreter and translator of documents into maternal language
  • Communication with the specialists on the patient’s side
  • Accommodation and regular transport of patients and accompanying people/family members
  • Private room at a request with free WIFI, landline, coffee machine and TV


  • Sightseeing tours around the magnificent city of Prague
  • Cultural, sport and social activities (dining, sport, theatre and museums, shopping, outdoor trips)
  • Freetime activites for families with children



  • Your first contact helping you to organize your trip to Prague, including medical visas
  • Someone to assist you with the preparation of all necessary medical documents
  • Your guide throughout the whole treatment process


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